Ringlands International Papillons

Est 1944 by Norma Staff
who’s kennel is renowned for starting up 
many famous lines world wide

128 Champions & 15 International Champions



Vesa Toivanen seen here showing under Pat as a young Man with a Siljans Papillon at another Specialist Club  Show in Finland in the 1990's.

Pat Judging in 1990 in Finland ,

Oh! so many years ago.

Elegant Boy of Silver Riding

Champion Ringlands Red Ribbons

Am Ch. Ekbackens Emil I Lonneberga

Pat with April, Assay and Copywriter

Jap Ch Ringlands Quite Likely ( pictured below)

Golden Image & Acid Jazz

Norma and Pat with Gamblers Gold and Assay

Jap Ch. Dalcia Swedish Legacy at Ringlands

(Sire of Ringlands Rupert)

and Jap/ Eng Ch Ringlands Cover Girl

Ringlands Eric the Red at Sunshoo

Ringlands Girls and Boys waiting for there treats

Champion Ringlands Special Gift
Relaxing at Home.
English and Canadian Champion  Ringlands Denmore Chasing Rainbows 
Champion Ringlands Copyright.
Ringlands Cover Boys Story
English Japanese Champion Ringlands Cover Girl.